The Auxiliaries Americanism Program promotes patriotism and

responsible citizenship and strives to uphold and promote

American ideals and the principles of democracy.


Americanism is an expression of the basic human need for freedom and

acceptance of the responsibilities of citizenship.


Today we find our country at war and it is important for all of us to

let our troops know that we are there for them.

We want all of our flags waving proudly and

we want to bring our troops home safely.


The Post and Unit sponsors flag-disposal programs.

United States Flags may be dropped off at the Post

at a person’s convenience.

This enables unserviceable flags to be disposed of in a respectful way.


We have the opportunity to promote patriotism throughout the country.


We continue to educate our students in the schools on

patriotism and flag etiquette.

Contact us if you are interested in showing DVD’s or VHS videos

in your school to promote flag etiquette.

These videos are tailored to different age groups,

so please inform us of the average age to watch these videos

so we may provide the proper one.


Below are a few of our many programs


National Essay Contest


This three-day program allows students in grades 10-12 to interact with experts

on current issues of citizenship. Students qualify by writing a 300-500 word

essay. These must be submitted to our Department Headquarters for judging.

The winner of this contest in Department can participate further by traveling to

Valley Forge, Pennsylvania and they have the opportunity to interact with experts

 on the current issues of citizenship and tour historical sites in Philadelphia.

There are seminars designed to develop leadership skills

and take part in workshops.

 This program has been sending students to Valley Forge for over 25 years.

Interested parties including schools, please contact us

for more detailed information.


Oratorical Contest


The purpose of the Oratorical Contest is to develop deeper knowledge

and understanding of the Constitution of the United States.

The oratorical contest includes development of leadership qualities,

to ability to think clearly and intelligently and preparation for

acceptance of the duties and responsibilities of American citizenship.


Girl Scout Achievement Awards


This award is presented to a Girl Scout who has received the “Gold Award”.

 The winner of this award will receive a $1000.00 scholarship

and a trip to the National Convention.


Citizenship and Naturalization


This program is to let our new citizens know that they are welcomed.

We do this by attending these ceremonies and giving them each a

flag and flag code booklet and informing them of their right to vote.


William Bloys Unit 2 is active in the Americanism Program,

but as in all volunteer activities, we can always use help with the programs.