Past Presidents Parley

The Past Presidents Parley’s objectives are these three areas of special emphasis:
Nurses Scholarships, Female Veterans and Unit member of the year.

Nurses Scholarships
With the economy as it is today and the rising cost of education, we must continue to award Nursing Scholarships to worthy students in the medical field. It also helps to relieve the nursing shortage as well as improve the quality of health care.

Female Veterans
One of our primary concerns is to concentrate on the needs of all female veterans, ex-female veterans as well as those presently serving. “The care of the disabled Ex-Service Women” is the Past Presidents Parley’s first objective. The Parley should attempt to locate Ex-Service Women in their geographical area. Contact and invite them to join your unit. Some may already be Legionnaires, let them know they are also eligible for Auxiliary membership. During holidays make and deliver special gifts and tray favors to those in the hospital.

Unit Member of the Year
An Auxiliary Unit Member of the Year nominated by the Past Presidents Parley of the Unit and sent to Department is honored at National Convention.
Every Unit has a very special, hard working, dedicated Auxiliary member who goes above and beyond the call of duty but has no desire to serve in any office higher than the Unit level. Promote the opportunity in your Department to recognize a recipient in this very special way. Each Department may have only one entry.

Rules for selection for Unit Member of the year are:
Senior members in good standing are eligible with membership dues currently paid.
Member cannot have obtained an elected or appointed leadership role higher than Unit President. Nominee may be a new member as years of membership are not part of the criteria. Selection is based on accomplishments, activities, etc. for the current year.
Each Unit and each Department may only nominate one member. Unit submits a narrative of 1,000 words or less, describing nominee’s accomplishments and activities together with nominee’s name and address. The entry form must be signed by the Unit President and Secretary, unless the nominee is one of them, in which case another Past Unit President must sign the entry form.
Each Department has its own judging procedure and shall supply information relative to the National Convention to their nominee. Nominee’s name, address, Unit affiliation and number of years of membership should be included. Each Unit or Department should assist in financial support if needed. Department selection should be submitted on a form requested from the National Past Presidents Parley Chairman.
Entries must be received by the Department President and Department Past Presidents Parley Chairman no later than May 1st of the current fiscal year. Copies are to be sent to the National President’s Secretary as well as to the National Secretary, American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters, 777 North Meridian St., 3rd Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46204-1189.
Winning entries must be received by July 1st of the current fiscal year by the National Past Presidents Parley Chairman.

Unit 2 currently is very lightly active in these 3 areas of emphasis.