The purpose of Kilroys.


The main purpose is provide income to keep our Post Home.


1.      To provide income to pay the necessary expenses for salaries such as bartenders, janitorial, cook and clean up personnel for Kilroys and the kitchen.

2.      To provide income to pay necessary expenses for the building such as insurance, taxes, and minor maintenance.

3.      To rent the main hall to help with this income flow.

4.      To provide a location for members to have a decent meal at a decent price and be able to socialize with other members on Friday nights.

5.      To provide a location for members to socialize during the day or evenings.

6.      Prevent a member or guest from driving drunk by refusing service whenever necessary.

7.      To provide a location to plan and hold events scheduled throughout the year.

8.      To verify membership of patrons for Kilroys.



Kilroys is not responsible for:


1.      Providing major maintenance for the building, this is the Board of Trustees responsibility.

2.       Upgrading the building, this is the Board of Trustees responsibility.

3.       Settling disputes between members.

4.       Errors in scheduling due to lack of information. If you need a date for a fundraiser or function, please make it to the organizational meeting.

5.       Providing free food or drink at functions, this is up to Kilroys. Do not assume, please ask. Kilroys will most likely help with these functions upon request.

6.       Membership, donations, requests left at the bar without a receipt. If you leave something, please have it recorded and get a receipt. The bar manager will make sure it gets to the right person. This may take time, so do not be impatient as mailing is probably faster.