Buddy Poppy

"To honor the Dead by Helping the Living" - Helping needy and disabled veterans

and honoring those who have sacrificed for our freedom by wearing a

Buddy Poppy, the VFW's official flower.


Buddy Poppy Program


The goal of the Buddy Poppy program is "To Honor the Dead by Helping the

Living," and wearing a Buddy Poppy – VFW’s official flower – you not only help

needy and disabled veterans, but also honor those who have sacrificed so much

for our freedom.



The Poppy movement was inspired by Canadian Army Col. John McCrae’s poem, “In Flanders Fields.” Poppies were originally distributed by the Franco-American Children’s League to benefit children in devastated areas of France and Belgium following WWI. In 1924, the VFW registered the name “Buddy Poppy” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and 31 years later, the “Buddy Poppy” became a National Program of the Ladies Auxiliary.


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