Junior Girls Units

Teaching the daughters and sisters of veterans about the sacrifices made for freedom, the debt we owe veterans, the importance of volunteering in the community, and helping others.

Junior Girls Units

Being a part of a Junior Girls Unit is fun and exciting. Members help the Auxiliary conduct some of its programs and have the opportunity to make new friends as they serve veterans and their communities.

This year Units across the country celebrated the beginning of their organization. At the 1935 National Convention of the VFW, permission was given to the Ladies Auxiliary to form youth groups which would be known as the Daughters of the VFW. Later the name was changed to Junior Girls Units with the Ladies Auxiliary as sponsor.

The purpose of the Units is to instill in the hearts of girls a firm belief in the principles of our Republic and reverence for the Flag of the United States; to develop character, cooperation, leadership, self-reliance and a willingness to assume responsibility; to assist the Ladies Auxiliary with activities; and to interest Junior Girls in and train them for future membership in the Ladies Auxiliary VFW.

Membership in the Junior Girls Unit is open to girls from ages 5 through 16 who are daughters, foster daughters, stepdaughters, granddaughters, sisters, half sisters, foster sisters and stepsisters of members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, or of men and women eligible for membership in the VFW. A foster daughter or foster sister shall be one who has been reared from an early age as a daughter or sister of a man or woman who is eligible for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

A member of the Junior Girls Unit may be a member of the Ladies Auxiliary at the same time provided she is 16 years of age and meets all other requirements of Auxiliary eligibility. Each Department Junior Girls Unit Chairman receives packets to organize a Junior Girls Unit, which includes the application for Certificate of Organization, Rules, Regulations and Ritual booklet.