Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary, which was founded in 1914 to help veterans

and their families, is the backbone of VFW volunteer efforts.

Promoting patriotism and helping veterans in need are just two

of the many ways that the Auxiliary serves America's communities.

 The Ladies Auxiliary also has its own volunteer programs

directed at VA, state and community hospitals.


Ladies Auxiliary VFW Members are...

Women who are eligible for membership in the

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States shall be eligible

for dual membership in the Ladies Auxiliary.


Ladies Auxiliary Programs


The members of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW are committed to serving

veterans and their families, promoting pride in America, teaching

young people about the cost of freedom, and serving the

community. To meet these goals the organization's 616,439 members

throughout the United States, Guam and Panama conduct the

following programs. Please check them in the Program Guide.