Patriotic Art/Voice of Democracy


Two of the scholarships offered for students. By participating in the contests students have the opportunity to express their own patriotism.

To enter the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest,

you must be sponsored by a Ladies Auxiliary VFW.

Patriotic Art / Voice of Democracy Goals

         To encourage 9th-12th grade students to creatively express their patriotism through speech and art.

         To seek more participation in the Young American Creative Patriotic Art and Voice of Democracy Contests by informing the schools and as well as home-schooled students.

         To make the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Escrow Fund self-sustaining, thus providing more scholarships.

         To promote and support the Ladies Auxiliary & VFW jointly sponsored Voice of Democracy Audio/Essay Contest on the local, District, Department and National levels.


In 1978 the Young American Creative Patriotic Art Contest was established to recognize and reward high school students for expressing their patriotism visually through their art. At the beginning, a $1,000 first-place and a $500 second-place scholarship were given along with three cash awards from $100-$25. Today three scholarships are given from $10,000- $2,500. In 2000, the Patriotic Art Escrow Fund was established with the goal of making this a self-sustaining program, a goal which will hopefully be fulfilled this year.

In 1965 the Ladies Auxiliary began to cosponsor the Voice of Democracy Audio/Essay Contest, which was adopted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1961. The purpose of this program is to encourage high school students to compete for National Scholarships by writing scripts on a patriotic theme and recording their messages on tape. Go to for more information.