William Bloys


The Tempe American Legion Post # 2 was named for William Bloys.

William Bloys was born September 24, 1882 in Tempe, AZ.

He attended Tempe Normal School in 1912 and graduated in 1914.

(now known as Arizona State University)

William Bloys was drafted in 1918 and assigned to the Artillery.

While he was awaiting shipment overseas at Camp Mills, NY,

he contracted pneumonia and died on June 16th, 1918

while on active duty at Camp Mills, NY.

He was the second Tempe resident to die in active military service during World

 War I. William Bloys had lived at 939 Van Ness Avenue (1918).

William Bloys is buried in Double Butte Cemetery in Tempe, AZ.

American Legion Post # 2 was named in his honor in 1920.


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